Let's instill a tilted perspective.


Instilt is a website by Nilabh Agrawal. The idea behind Instilt is to present a new perspective on the traditional news and events occurring around us. News in recent times has grown extremely partisan and biased. Both ends of the spectrum present news that suits their story the best, however, the average reader misses out on the facts and the analysis from a moderate standpoint, in lieu of the tug of war that large media corporations play these days, to garner support for their end of the spectrum.

I thought about Instilt after countless hours of debating, MUN and watching hours of news and reading news articles from all the mainstream, and also lesser known mediums. There was an analysis, an evaluation of things that I wanted to present, because more often than not, analysis can often break down the disguise that an obvious point holds, and show us the deeper meaning, the actual relevance, the why? All you need is a fresh perspective.

Moving on, to the thing, I am sure most of you are trying to figure out, Instilt. What does it mean? Is it even a word? How is it relevant to a news-blog site? Well, Instilt is an amalgamation of a few different ideas, trying to convey a similar message.

For one, to instill, is to gradually but firmly establish (an idea or attitude) in a person’s mind. The idea that we are trying to inoculate a new perspective, in the mind of millions who are so used to the same, old traditional partisan news. Secondly, it’s meant to provide a tilt, essentially, to look at the things from a different angle. Lastly, it draws inspiration from the stilt, which is a bird (qualifying it for the bird’s eye view, or the ability to look at the bigger picture), but also it’s long legs, which allow it to see things from a different perspective, compared to everyone else around it, similar to a man on a pair of wooden stilts.

From a young age, I held a great interest in the current events of the world, geo-politics to economics to technology, everything has been a huge part of my life. This is my attempt at using my research and knowledge and provide my take on the events that take place around us, with a little more analysis and perspective. Hope you had as much fun reading these articles, as I had, making them.

Feel free to reach out to me at admin@instilt.com.